Managing Your Accounts

You can have multiple accounts with one default account. Choose My Accounts in the Control Panel to add and manage accounts.

My Accounts is displayed as shown in the following figure.


Switch to a different account if you prefer to use it.

You can also click the accounts drop-down list against Action to switch to a different account and clone an account.

See the following sub-topics for more information:

Configuring a Github Token

Under GitHub Token, click Configure to set a GitHub profile token in the current Qubole account. You can configure a GitHub token only in the current Qubole account or switch to the account in which you want to configure the GitHub token. See generate-git-token for more information.

After clicking Configure, a dialog to set the GitHub token is displayed. Add the token and click Save. Once a GitHub profile is configured, it is considered as a per account/per user setting. You can link notebooks to that GitHub profile after configuring the token. See GitHub Version Control for Zeppelin Notebooks for more information.

QDS encrypts GitHub tokens.

Switching Accounts

Do one of the following to switch to a different account:

  • Click on the drop-down next to the name of the current account near the top right of the each page:


    Choose the account you want to switch to.

  • Navigate to the My Accounts page and choose the account you want to switch to.

Using API Tokens

Only the API token of the default account can be reset. API tokens are used to authenticate with the API. An API token is for a user per account. This implies that a user, who is part of 10 accounts has 10 API tokens. A user with a single account has one API token.

An API token can be used to schedule jobs using external schedulers such as cron but it is not required when jobs are scheduled using the Qubole scheduler. The jobs are shown by the user whose API is being used. If it is required to use a single user for all scheduled jobs, create a common user to run them.