Notebook Interpreter Operations

You should understand the different operations that you can perform on interpreters to manage the interpreters.

  1. Go to a specific running Notebook’s page, and click on Interpreters.
  2. Select the required interpreter, and perform any of the following actions by using the corresponding buttons on the top-right corner against the interpreter:
  • Edit the interpreter settings.
  • Restart the interpreter.
  • Remove the interpreter.
  • Stop the interpreter.
  • Access the logs.
  • View the list of jobs for paragraphs run in a notebook.


Some of the operations are available only for Spark interpreters.

The following table lists the operations that can be performed on the supported interpreters.

Interpreters Supported operations
Angular Edit, restart, and remove.
Presto Edit, restart, and remove.
markdown Edit, restart, and remove.
Spark (pyspark, scala, sql, R, and knitr) Edit, stop, restart, remove, accessing logs, and viewing list of jobs for paragraphs run in a notebook.
Shell Edit, restart, and remove.

The following illustration displays sample interpreters with the options.