Adding Custom Jars in Hive

When adding custom jars in Hive, it is strongly recommended to avoid overriding the hive.aux.jars.path property in HIVE SETTINGS and HADOOP CLUSTER SETTINGS in the Hadoop (Hive) cluster. Instead, you can add jars using any of these ways:

  • A system admin should create a ticket with Qubole Support to change settings to add custom jars. As it is one of Qubole’s security features, a system admin of the account should create the request.

    After Qubole Support enables the settings, use the add jar statement to add custom jars at a query level or through the Hive bootstrap.

  • Add the custom jar by copying it into the /usr/lib/hive1.2/auxlib directory through the cluster’s node bootstrap. This option is unavailable if you run Hive queries on Qubole Control Plane. You can only add custom jars if you run Hive queries on the coordinator node and HiveServer2.