Changelog for

Date and time of release Version Change type Change
24th Aug, 2020 (04:03 PM PST) 59.0.1040 Bug fix JUPY-929: Dependencies that were installed through the Environments page were not accessible for the scheduled and API runs of Python notebooks. This issue is fixed.
10th Aug, 2020 (08:31 AM PST) 59.0.1033 Bug fix

ZEP-4789: The paragraph status was not getting updated after the web socket reconnect. This issue is fixed.

ZEP-4590: Interpreter settings were getting lost because of _COPYING_ file present in defloc. This issue is fixed.

ZEP-4130: Notebook commands were failing when the status was NOT_STARTED_RUNNING_NOTEBOOK. To fix this issue, 20 retries at an interval of 10 seconds upto 3 min is added when the notebook command status fetched is NOT_STARTED_RUNNING_NOTEBOOK.

ZEP-4642: Notebook rendering was delayed due to extra web socket calls made for each paragraph to fetch editor settings. This issue is fixed.

Jan 09 2019 04:24PM IST 57.0.1039 Bug fix

ACM-6217: Added support for a static private IP address for the coordinator node.

ACM-6206: ACM-6206: Qubole now supports N2 machine types in the following GCP regions: asia-northeast1, australia-southeast, europe-west-1, europe-west-2, and us-east-1.

Dec 24 2019 04:32PM IST 57.0.1037 Bug fix ZEP-4194: Notebook results are now displayed when clusters running Zeppelin 0.6.0 are upgraded to Zeppelin 0.8.0 or when clusters running Zeppelin 0.8.0 are downgraded to Zeppelin 0.8.0.
18th Nov, 2019 (3:10 AM PST) 57.0.1025 Bug fix

ACM-6043: The Worker Node Type field now fetches the correct instance types.

ACM-6030: Cluster Push config no longer fails when the cluster is in a private subnet and the coordinatornode doesn’t have a public ip address.

12th Nov, 2019 (6:15 AM PST) 57.0.1020 R57 Release