RubiX Metrics

RubiX allows you to get the metrics through Bookkeeper Cache. In case of Presto, you can also get the metrics through JMX queries.


Rubix is only supported on Presto clusters that use GCP.

Cache Metrics

For a list of metrics related to cache interactions, refer to Cache Metrics.

JMX Metrics

Only for RubiX in Presto, you can monitor the RubiX system through JMX queries.

Here is a sample Presto Rubix JMX query.

SELECT Node, CachedReads,
ROUND(ExtraReadFromRemote,2) AS ExtraReadFromRemote,
ROUND(HitRate,2) AS HitRate,
ROUND(MissRate,2) AS MissRate,
ROUND(NonLocalDataRead,2) AS NonLocalDataRead,
ROUND(ReadFromCache,2) AS ReadFromCache,
ROUND(ReadFromRemote, 2) AS ReadFromRemote,
FROM jmx.current."rubix:name=stats";