QDS Help Center

The top-right corner of the QDS user interface (UI) contains a help icon helpicon.

Clicking the icon displays the QDS UI help center as shown below.


The Help Center contains the following assistance: it gives you a quick tour of the QDS

  • A generic search field associated with a search button.
  • Announcements
  • Resources
  • Support

Using the Search Field

Type a word/phrase in the search field and click the search button. The following figure shows a search result sample.


The results from Qubole knowledge base, documentation, forums, and blogs are displayed separately. Click the individual search result to see the word/phrase that you wanted to look up.

About the Announcements

This section highlights major changes related to the QDS platform and it is a copy of the Announcements section of the Qubole Support website.

Using Resources Assistance

The following resources are available:

  • Knowledge Base - Clicking it directs you to the Knowledge Base section of the Qubole Support website.
  • Support Portal - Clicking it directs you to the home page of the Qubole Support website.
  • Documentation - Clicking it directs you to the Qubole documentation website.
  • Walk Through - Clicking this gives you a walkthrough of the current main page. For example, if you are on the Explore page, clicking Walk Through provides access to the following Explore tutorials:
  • Video Tutorials - Clicking it displays a list of tutorials on how to use QDS.
  • Quick Tour - Gives you a quick tour of the QDS User interface.
  • Download Drivers - This takes you to the link where you can download Qubole ODBC and JDBC drivers.
  • Education - This takes you to the Qubole Education website.

Using Support Assistance

The Support section in the help center contains the following assistance URLs:

  • Ask in forums - Clicking it redirects you to the New Post page of Qubole Forums in the Qubole Support website. If you have logged in as a user of the Qubole Support website, then you see the New Post page as shown in the following figure.


    In the New Post page, write a title for a post (a mandatory field) and add details in the corresponding text boxes. Select a related topic from the Topic drop-down list (a mandatory field) and click Submit.

  • Submit Support Ticket - Clicking it displays the Submit Support Ticket dialog as shown in the following figure.


    To create a support Ticket, follow the instructions below:

    1. Select the category of your issue from the Issue Type drop-down list.
    2. Set a priority for the ticket if you want to change it from the default Low priority.
    3. Write a subject in the Summary field and describe the issue in the Description of Issue field.
    4. If required, click Choose file and browse a file to add as attachment. From Any recent changes to your Qubole configuration drop-down list, select an option to tell us about a recent change in the Qubole configuration.
    5. Select an option from Permission to troubleshoot drop-down list to specify the type of permission you want us to have to troubleshoot the issue.
    6. To let others informed about this issue, enter the recipient email ids in the Email ID(s) to cc field.
    7. Enter the command ID if it is related to a QDS command.
    8. Enter the cluster id in the Cluster ID field.
    9. Click Submit to create a helpdesk ticket.