Prerequisites and Signup


Ensure that you have the following prerequisites before beginning the setup process:

  • Google account: You must have a Google account to begin the setup process. You will use this Google account to sign up for QDS on GCP.
  • GCP project: You must have a GCP project that is tied to a valid billing account to use QDS on GCP. All of the GCP resources you create to use with QDS will be contained within this project. You can either create a new project or use an existing project. For information on creating a project, see Creating and Managing Projects in the GCP documentation.


In the current version of QDS on GCP, each QDS account can be associated with only one GCP project.

  • Your GCP project must have the following APIs enabled:

    • Compute Engine API
    • Cloud Resource Manager API
    • Identity and Access Management (IAM) API
    • Big Query Storage API (optionally, to use BigQuery)
  • Your GCP project can already have existing service accounts in it, but must have remaining quota to allow the creation of two more service accounts, because Qubole must create two new service accounts in the project. By default, GCP has a limit of 100 service accounts per project.

Sign up for Qubole on GCP

  1. Make sure that your GCP project meets the prerequisites described above.

  2. Click Sign up with Google on the signup page:

  3. Click the Google account to be used for the signup process:

  4. Provide additional details and click Save And Start Authentication with Google Cloud:


Test Drive Qubole on GCP

Once you have completed the sign-up process, you can begin your free test drive of Qubole on GCP by clicking Test Drive Qubole:


Test Drive begins with a guided tour of the Qubole Analyze page, and guides you through running a Hive query. From there, you are free to run queries of your own and explore the QDS interface. Test Drive includes pre-loaded data sets, example use cases, and free technical support, and gives you free access to Qubole for 14 days. At the end of the 14 days, or at any time once you have run a command on the Analyze page, a banner appears at the top of the screen where you can click to unlock a 30-day free trial of QDS:


During your 14-day test drive, Qubole and GCP cloud services are free. During the 30-day free trial, Qubole continues to be free, but you must use your own paid GCP account.