4. How different is a Qubole Hive Session from the Open Source Hive Session?

In a Qubole Hive session, when a user logs into QDS, all query history commands executed when this specific user is active earlier, are in the same Qubole Hive Session.

In open-source Hive, each Hive CLI represents a Hive session. Session-level commands and properties are not effective across open-source Hive sessions.

The difference in how commands run differently in a Qubole Hive session and an open-source session are described in this table.


When you run set hive.on.master and set hive.use.hs2 in the corresponding Qubole Hive session, the two commands are not saved automatically.

Session-Level Commands Qubole Hive Session Open-source Hive Session
set <key>=<value>; All four commands are effective throughout the entire Qubole Hive session. The commands are automatically saved. All four commands are only valid in the corresponding Hive sessions.
add FILES <filepath> <filepath>*;
add JARS <filepath> <filepath>*;
add ARCHIVES <filepath> <filepath>*;